jueves, 22 de julio de 2010

My Definition of RPG

Hi everybody,

  In this post i try to explain what is my definition of Role Playing Games. As the name says, it is just a game and that is all. Starting whit this idea, this game consist in play a role in the skeleton of a tale, the decisions taken by the players will provide many details to complete the history.
  A important point concerning these games that they are group play, that is, it is necessary the presence of two persons at least, better three, to starting the game and one of them take a important role, one must be the Game Master, the person that tells the basic lines of the history to the rest of the people (players) and takes decisions about the actions are made by the players. Together create the whole history.
  Other point defining RPG is a rulerbook and suplements, pens, papers, dices  that you need to play. And you need all of these tool, not some of them. Other things could need some food like chips, pizza, etc., coca-cola, beer.  The type of dice depends of the game, may be four faces, or six faces, or ten faces, or twelve faces, or twenty faces... or all of them.
  The next explanation refers the themes of the RPG. Exist many ambientations: Science Fiction, Terror, Fantasy, Actual time... and is necesary explain the different systems that you can use to play. For example, if you want to play the George Lucas Universe: Star Wars, you can play with the D6 system or D20 System.

And that is all, kind regards. See you

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